We’re currently working on a new show, provisionally titled The 8th Floor.

This show has at its centre a hospital lift, and can be built in a variety of different spaces - theatres, galleries, public car parks, libraries or disused buildings.

What it is

One lift, 8 floors, many stories.

An atmospheric visual piece with a complex soundscape and live text.

Overheard snippets of lives colliding with each other, seen through the frame of

a lift.

Multi-layered storylines running simultaneously.

The hospital is only our starting point. It is a place where the public and private collide, momentous events take place at the same time as mundane routine, and you are always a voyeur.

In many hospitals, the top floor is often the maternity ward, the basement the morgue, and there are many floors – and stories – in between.

The lift is constantly making journeys that join up all these floors, and we're interested in that metaphor.

But this show is emphatically not just a hospital piece. It may start there, but we want to expand it to be much broader than that.

What floors exist beyond the top floor, or below the morgue?


Because this piece is about the clash between public and private, ideally it should play in spaces that somehow reflect that. It will be designed to be built anywhere – car parks, deserted buildings, empty shops, office spaces, any building that has or once had a public aspect.