The Slide Show

By Slot Machine

‘makes you dizzy with its non-stop invention’

The Guardian

What is it?

This is a hilariously funny, incredibly inventive piece of visual, physical theatre for all ages.

Jammed full of music – live and recorded – twisted puppet gods, vocal acrobatics, gravity-defying dance, a set that is more of a character in itself, a complex soundscape that runs throughout the piece, comedy talking cheeses, an underwater scene and a singing guinea pig.

And the world premiere of a new high-speed ballet – on street scooters.

What’s it about?

In a small hall somewhere in England, a slide show is beginning. A series of 'cultural' photographs is presented by an enthusiastic husband and wife team.

The theme? Ancient Greece.

But their innocent dabbling accidentally unleashes a potent ancient force – Dionysus, God of wine and revelry – a force hidden for centuries, a force many would rather see buried again... and so the innocents become embroiled in a battle to the death, caught between the God of free expression and the evil forces of suppression.

Let the chaos begin.

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